Crocheted Hat

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Retail RM25/pc
 Hand Crocheted Hat 100% from yarn cotton
Care Instruction: Handwash in cold water
Size NB 36-38cm (0-6mth)
S 46-48cm (6mth-1Y)
M 48-50cm (1Y-3Y)
L 50-52cm (3Y-5Y)

HE1 M-6pcs
HE3 S-6pcs, M-1pc
HE4 S-2pcs
HE5 ,L-1pc
HE6 M-1pc
HE8(big cutting) S-11pcs, M-2pcs
HE9 NB-4pcs, S-2pcs,M-4pcs,L-1pc
HE10 M-1pc, L-1pc
HE11  S-2pcs, M-1pc
HE13 S-2pcs
HE14- M-1pc, L-1pc
HE15 - S-5pcs, M-7pcs, L-1pc
HD10 S-3pcs
HD11 S-5pcs
HD12 S-6pcs, M-9pcs
HD14 L-1pc
HD16 M-2pcs
HD17 S-1pc, M-1pc

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