Flower Type Alligator Hair Clip

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Retail RM3.50/pcs, RM10/3pcs
Wholesale RM78 (30pcs can mix)
This alligator clip is made from grosgrain ribbon,, measure approx 2.5"x2.5"
Neat hand made, very cute, almost all covered with ribbon
HA3-A 9pcs
HA3-B 10pcs
HA3-C 7pcs
HA3-D 8pcs
HA3-E 6pcs
HA3-F 10pcs
HA3-G 8pcs
HA3J 6pcs
HA3-K 8pcs
HA3-L 10pcs
HA3-M 11pcs
HA3-N 9pcs
HA3-O 10pcs
HA3-P 10pcs
HA3-R 11pcs
HA3-S 9pcs
HA3-T 10pcs
HA3-U 10pcs
HA3-V 10pcs
HA3-X 10pcs
HGA3-Y 6pcs
Click image for the bigger view
HA4-A 10pcs
HA4-B 8pcs
HA4-C 6pcs
HA4-D 6pcs
HA4-E 10pcs
HA4-F 10pcs
HA4-G 8pcs
HA4-H 10pcs
HA4-I 10pcs
HA4-J 10pcs
HA4-K 4pcs
HA4-L 8pcs
HA4-M 10pcs
HA4-N 7pcs
HA4-O- 9pcs
HA4-P 5pcs

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